Student engagement 2022/23

Student Voice Group co-chairs

Watch this year's student co-chairs of the SVG, KellyAnn and Ilsa, talk about their time on the group.

Become a member of the Student Voice Group

Wherever you live in the world, you can apply to join the Student Voice Group (SVG). The SVG comments and provides a student perspective on projects and ideas the University is developing. Reporting directly to the University’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT), the SVG has four meetings each year. SVG meetings are chaired by a student.

Student Voice Group:

We have 20 vacancies for the SVG, and 10 places on a brand-new Careers Feedback Panel in 2022-23.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please apply by completing this application form which closes at 2359 (BST) on Wednesday 31 August 2022.

In the last two years, the SVG has given the University valuable input on a range of important matters including:

  • Recommendations arising from the Student Experience Survey 2021-22 for improving the student experience
  • Aspects of online assessment delivery since the onset of the pandemic, and specific pieces of assessment policy
  • Mental health and wellbeing support for students
  • Relaunch of the Alumni Ambassador Programme
  • Design and promotion of the Student Experience Survey 2021-22
  • The development of the two employability and careers online micro-modules
  • Student Portal upgrade
  • Student-led study groups
  • Improving the on-boarding experience of students around the world

You can read summary notes from the last three meetings by clicking here: Summer 2022 (July), Spring 2022 (April) and Winter 2022 (January)

The Careers Feedback Panel, which reports to the SVG, will shape a meaningful and impactful careers education programme through a series of co-creation activities. Each meeting will have a different focus, e.g. ‘Building a Careers Service from Scratch’, ‘Mapping User Experience of our Virtual Learning Environment’ and ‘Labour Market Information’.

We are a looking for a broad range of experience, whether you are studying your first degree, or have lots of experience, and it does not matter if you have not accessed careers support before.

  • You must be a student with us during your appointment;
  • You must be available to contribute to meetings through Microsoft Teams (this is a free piece of software; join meetings either via the app or a web browser)

Student Voice Group:

  • Approximately two hours reading the agenda and papers for each meeting
  • Meeting sessions will take place on the following dates:
    • Wednesday 5 October 2022, 1100 – 1330 (GMT+1) (annual induction and training)
    • Monday 10 October 2022, 1000 (GMT+1) or 1530 (GMT+1)
    • Monday 23 January 2023, 1000 (GMT) or 1530 (GMT)
    • Monday 17 April 2023, 1000 (GMT+1) or 1530 (GMT+1)
    • Monday 10 July 2023, 1000 (GMT+1) or 1530 (GMT+1)

In the application form you will be asked to state preference between the different Student Voice Group meetings. 

Careers Feedback Panel:

The meetings will take one hour each and will be chaired by a member of the University of London Careers Service tasked with reviewing how students engage with our services.

  • There will be occasional light reading to do in advance (which may take 30 minutes).
  • To be engaged with the conversation
  • Answer occasional email follow up
  • Meeting sessions will take place on the following dates:
    • Wednesday 5 October 2022, 1100 – 1330 (GMT+1) (annual induction and training)
    • Monday 10 October 2022, 1300 (GMT+1)
    • Monday 12 December 2022, 1300 (GMT)
    • Monday 13 February 2023, 1300 (GMT)
    • Monday 17 April 2023, 1300 (GMT+1)
    • Monday 12 June 2023, 1300 (GMT+1)

The Careers Panel discuss building a careers service from scratch, mapping user experience of our Virtual Learning Environment, labour market information, and more.

Topics are subject to change.

Student Voice Group:

  • Influence the experience of current and future University of London students as a proactive member of the global student community
  • Gain experience of decision-making processes at a senior level in a Higher Education organisation across different areas of student experience, e.g. assessment, online community building, surveys and student voice channels
  • Meet and share experiences with University staff
  • Connect with other students worldwide

Careers Feedback Panel:

  • Help shape the direction of University of London Careers Service
  • Meet with students from across the University of London
  • Build your skills in areas like Idea Generation and User Experience
  • Develop an awareness of the global labour market

We are looking to appoint 20 new student voice champions onto the Student Voice Group in 2022-23, and a further 10 students onto the Careers Feedback Panel. We are keen to ensure there's a mixture of:

  • Students from teaching centres
  • Students who study independently
  • Students from across different regions of the world
  • A mixture of students on undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes

Student Voice Group:

  • You will be sent a set of papers one week in advance of the meeting date
  • You will be expected to read the papers carefully, think of questions you have, and give your views on the discussion points that have been set

Careers Feedback Panel:

  • To provide regular feedback as a subgroup of the Student Voice Group
  • The group will meet every two months and review our plans as we develop a brand-new suite of activities aimed at supporting students in achieving their career aspirations

When you apply, we will ask you to evidence that you have some aptitude in these areas. As a student member, we think you will become confident in these areas:

Intellectual Skills
  • Analyses and synthesises committee papers effectively
  • Thinks critically to identify issues relevant to the student experience
  • Has an inquiring mind, considers 'outside the box' possibilities
Personal Qualities
  • Adopts an enthusiastic approach, sustained throughout appointment
  • Manages time well, balancing committee meeting preparation and attendance around academic studies
  • Seeks guidance when required
Professional Conduct
  • Has a sense of collegiality, works well in a team
  • Good interpersonal communication skills, including self-expression and listening skills
  • Understands the confidentiality of committee business
  • Strong commitment to the University community
  1. Check you are available on the listed meeting dates
  2. Complete this online application form. You will need to decide whether you would like to apply for the Student Voice Group or the Careers Feedback Panel
  3. You will be asked to give examples of things you have done in the past that you think are relevant to this role

The application deadline is 2359 (BST) on Tuesday 31 August 2022. We will acknowledge every application by Monday 5 September 2022.

We will contact you by Friday 30 September 2022 to let you know the outcome of your application.

Every application will be considered. Shortlisted applications will be reviewed by a nominations panel, who will recommend appointments to our Pro Vice-Chancellor (International, Teaching and Learning).