Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I log in?

Enter your Portal username and password in the login box to the left of the page. You will have been sent your username and password in two separate emails. If you believe you should have recieved these emails by now but have not please make sure you check your junk folder in your email account.

If you require your log in details to be sent again please contact the Student Advice centre.


2. What if I've forgotten my username or password?

Click on the 'Forgotten your password? Click here to reset your password' located under the 'Sign In' button.

In order to reset your password you will need your SRN (student registration number) and the answer to your security question. Once you have entered these details you will be sent an email to reset your password. Please follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

Once you have reset your password you will be directed to your Portal home page.

Please note that you will not receive a notification of a change in password if you have used this link.

If you cannot remember the answer to your secret question please contact the Student Advice centre.


3. I can't log in 'Your request failed to complete...' error message.

If you are seeing the 'Your request failed to complete. Authentication failed. Please try again' error message when trying to log in please close down all browsers windows and tabs and then try logging in again. If you are still unable to log in please try the following:

Clear your browser cookies (refer to your browers help section for instructions on how to do this). Then try logging in again. If this is unsuccessful then restart your computer and then try logging in again. If you are still not able to log in please contact the Student Advice centre.

4. I changed my password and now I am unable to log in.

If you have changed your password and have had problems logging back into the Portal we recommend that you close down all browser windows and tabs and try logging in again. This will ensure that you end your previous browser session. If you still encounter problems please contact the Student Advice centre.

5. Error 404, what do I do?

If you receive any of the errors below:

• Error 404

• HTTP 404 Not found

• Error 404: SRVE0190E: File not found: /pkmslogin.form

please close down all browser windows and tabs and copy the following address into your browser:

6. What is the Portal?

The Portal is a gateway to many resources and administrative tools that you will need on your learning journey. It is accessed by a unique username and password and will provide you with access to the following:

•    Important news and updates about key dates in the academic calendar, availability of our IT systems and general University news
•    Information on Global Events
•    Links to the Student Advice centre
•    Access to your Student records including your payment records.
•    Access to complete registration and examinations entry tasks.
•    Information regarding despatches of study materials
•    Personal Notifications/messages
•    Access to your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
•    Access to the Online library
•    Access to your University email account


7. What is the difference between the Portal and the VLE?

The Portal is the one place that you can access all your resources and administrative tasks (see ‘What is the Portal ‘ FAQ above) and all other IT systems accessible to you. The VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) is just one of these systems which contains the study materials, activities and resources related to the teaching and learning for your modules.


8. Why should I log into the Portal regularly?

This is where you will find the most up to date information including reminders and notices about your administrative tasks and the availability of our IT systems. This will help you plan for your studies and keep you informed about what is going on at the University and how it might affect you.


9. Contact us

If there are any problems which you cannot resolve after viewing these FAQS  then please contact the Student Advice Centre.