Examination centres


EMFSS and Undergraduate Laws students sitting in assessment centres: You must contact your centre to check for any specific local instructions and deadlines for entry.


  • Access the assessment entry process from the Assessment page and click the assessment entry button.
  • Start the assessment entry process and select your asessment centre.
  • Download your entry form and submit it to your centre for their records. Keep a copy of the form for your own records. 
  • Pay all centre fees by any local deadlines set.

If the centre accepts your entry, it will issue you with a single validation code. Each code is unique and can only be used once. The centre will not forward your entry to us on your behalf. You should not send hard copies of forms to us unless your centre tells you to. When you have received your code:

  • Return to assessment entry (via the assessment entry button on the Assessment page), enter your validation code and complete the entry process.
  • Pay our examination entry fee if applicable.


You will be charged a centre fee in addition to the University assessment entry fee. The centre will usually ask for this fee in advance.

We have no influence over the amount charged locally and we are not responsible for the collection or refund of these fees. Details of fees may be obtained directly from the centres.