Access Arrangements Access Arrangements

If you require access arrangements for your exams, such as the use of a computer or a scribe/reader, this is how those processes are arranged.

Use of a computer

We inform all students who are granted the use of a computer to write their exams.

We also inform the Examination Centre, which will arrange a suitable room. Computers are subject to availability.

All examinations taking place using computers must comply with the usual "Notice to Candidates and Examinations Rules."

How computers are configured for use in exams.

Scribe / Reader Guidelines

A scribe or amanuensis writes down dictated answers to questions in an examination. In some cases a scribe can act as a reader as well.

The scribe cannot influence the quality or content of your answers.

You may wish to arrange a practice session to work out how a scribe can be of best assistance within the regulations.

Directions for scribes and readers.

Exam Access Arrangements Policy

  Read our Exam Access Arrangements Policy [PDF].