Examination Timetables Examination Timetables

We have continued to review the COVID-19 situation in relation to examination assessments and the ongoing restrictions being imposed by governments to tackle this worldwide pandemic. In view of the current situation, we have decided to cancel all centre-based examinations until further notice.

Examinations will now be held as online timed assessments and will not be held in an examination centre as in previous years. Due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, many of the original examination dates have been rescheduled. New timetables will be published below and you will receive a separate notification when your timetable is available.   

Examination Timetables: Currently Available Examination Timetables: Currently Available



CO2220 Graphical object-oriented and internet programming in Java                                 
Thursday, 02 July
CO3320 Project                                                                                    
Friday, 03 July
CO3325 Data compression                                                                           
Monday, 06 July
CO1109 Introduction to Java and object-oriented programming                                       
Monday, 06 July
CO3326 Computer security                                                                          
Tuesday, 07 July
CO2222 Data communications and enterprise networking                                              
Wednesday, 08 July
CO2227 Creative computing II: interactive multimedia                                              
Wednesday, 08 July
CO3346 Sound and music                                                                            
Thursday, 09 July
CO1108 Information systems: foundations of e-business                                             
Thursday, 09 July
CO1112 Creative computing I: image, sound and motion                                              
Thursday, 09 July
CO3348 Interaction design                                                                         
Friday, 10 July
CO3310 Artificial intelligence                                                                    
Monday, 13 July
CO3355 Advanced graphics and animation                                                            
Wednesday, 15 July
CO1102 Mathematics for computing                                                                  
Wednesday, 15 July
CO3318 Information systems management                                                             
Thursday, 16 July
CO2209 Database systems                                                                           
Friday, 17 July
CO3323 Electronic commerce                                                                        
Monday, 20 July
CO3353 Software engineering project management                                                    
Tuesday, 21 July
CO1110 Introduction to computing and the internet                                                 
Tuesday, 21 July
CO2226 Software engineering, algorithm design and analysis                                        
Wednesday, 22 July
CO3311 Neural networks                                                                            
Thursday, 23 July
CO3354 Introduction to natural language processing                                                
Friday, 24 July