Exam Rechecks Exam Rechecks

Examination results are checked very carefully before they are released.

However, if you are concerned that an administrative error may have been made in the transcription of your result, you may request an administrative recheck. For more details about the administrative rechecks process, please see the FAQS below.

An administrative recheck is not a re-mark, therefore the content of your script will not be looked at again by the Examiners. Please note you cannot appeal on academic grounds.

1. Administrative Recheck of your Examination Results

If you believe an error has been made in the calculation or recording of your examination results, it is possible for you to request an Administrative Recheck.

[Please note: This process relates to time-constrained examinations only. Administrative rechecks are not available for coursework marks]

Before deciding whether you want your examination result to be rechecked, please consider the following:
  • This is NOT a re-mark
  • The content of your script will NOT be looked at again by the Examiners
  • Appeals on academic grounds will NOT be accepted by the University
In 2017, 98.6% of examination results that were subject to an administrative recheck had no error detected. Only 0.4% resulted in a change to the mark awarded. Please be aware that the likelihood of an administrative error being identified is extremely low.

As it can take some time before you receive the outcome we advise you to make progression decisions (for example, by entering for re-sits if applicable) based on the results contained in your Notification of Results.

In the unlikely event that an error is detected, you will be refunded the Administrative Recheck fee. If the error reverses a fail and results in a pass mark, you will be provided with an updated Notification of Results and also refunded any associated entry or registration fees that are no longer applicable.

You must submit your request for a recheck within 6 weeks of the release of your results. Requests received after this deadline will not be processed.

2. What is an Adminstrative Recheck?

The Administrative Recheck process involves:-

  • A check to ensure that the script was marked by at least two Examiners, or by one Assessor and one Examiner, who shall afterwards prepare an agreed list of marks, or was subject to internal moderation and sampled by an External or Intercollegiate Examiner.
  • A check to ensure that the marks recorded on your script by the examiners have been tallied correctly and that the agreed mark has been accurately transferred to University systems.

The final mark shown on the Notification of Results is the agreed mark as confirmed by the Board of Examiners.

You will receive a written response indicating whether an administrative error has been identified, normally within 20 working days.

The Administrative Recheck process is conducted by the Student Affairs team who are not involved in the marking of scripts, the conduct of the Examination Board or the administrative processes that lead to your results being recorded. This ensures an independent recheck of your results.

3. How to request an Administrative Recheck

You can request a Recheck by visiting the ‘My study’ tab of your Student Portal. Please click on the ‘View results’ link within the ‘Assessment and results’ section. You will be taken to your ‘My module/course results’ page, where you will see an ‘Apply’ button.

The fee is £60 for the first paper that you wish to have re-checked and £20 for any further papers. For example, a single paper would cost £60, two papers £80, three papers £100 and four papers £120.

All payments will be made in £ sterling

Payments can only be made by debit or credit card.

We are unable accept American Express.

You will receive an email confirmation of your request from the ResultsCheck@london.ac.uk email address.


4. General information about your examination results

Your Notification of Results will provide your mark for each module or course you have taken and an overall result for the examination session, whenever this is required.

Candidates should be aware of the following information:-
  • Marks are routinely checked and re-checked before results are sent out to students.
  • Every script is either marked by at least two Examiners, or by one Assessor and one Examiner, who shall afterwards prepare an agreed list of marks or marking of scripts is subject to internal moderation and sampled by an External or Intercollegiate Examiner.
  • Confirmed results are determined at a Board meeting at which all Examiners are represented. This includes External Examiners who have a specific responsibility to ensure consistency in the standard of the award.
  • There is no provision in the Regulations for the consideration of an appeal on academic grounds; the decision of the Board of Examiners is final.