Use of a Computer in Exams Use of a Computer in Exams

If you are granted the use of a computer to write your exams, we will inform you of this decision.

We also inform the Examination Centre, which will arrange a suitable room. Computers are subject to availability.

All examinations taking place using computers must comply with the usual "Notice to Candidates and Examinations Rules."


Instructions for examination centres

The computer used for examinations must be set up according to the following rules:

  • No access to material stored as memory.
  • No access to spell checker or related software (unless the University informs the Exam Centre that permission is given).
  • No access to the calculator (students that are allowed to use a calculator should bring their own approved calculator as specified in the "candidate notes").
  • No access to the Internet.
  • No access to a translation dictionary or any other dictionary.

Before the start of the examination

The centre should remind students to ensure that their candidate number, the paper code and title, and the respective question number appear on each page of answers.

The student's name must not appear on any part of the printed document.


After the examination

The electronic file containing the exam answers must be saved immediately and passed to the invigilator or supervisor.

The provided green examination answer book cover should be completed according to the instructions and must include the candidate number (but NOT their name).

A copy of the examination answers should be printed and all pages, including any rough work, should be inserted inside the green University examination answer book cover and securely tied together with string.

The standard University yellow (or blue) batch form and the attendance sheet must also be completed by the invigilator or supervisor and returned with the typed answer book to the University.

Please retain an electronic copy of the candidate's script until the University has confirmed safe receipt of the answer book by email.