Entering for assessments


If your programme requires you to enter for assessments, you will find your assessment entry button on the Assessments page when logged in to the Portal. You will receive an email alert when the assessment entry process is open. 

Important note: Your local assessment centre‚Äôs deadline for the receipt of assessment entries may be several weeks before the stated closed data listed on this page. Please contact your centre as soon as you can to check when their entry deadline is.

Cancelling an assessment entry: You may cancel your assessment entry or London centre fee payments up to 14 days after payment by informing us via the 'Ask a question' button on the Home page. You should check your centre's refund policy in relation to their fee. You are strongly advised not to make an assessment entry if you do not feel you will be academically, physically or financially prepared for the assessments.

Assessment timetable dates

Law (LLM/PGDip/PGCert)

How the exams work

All Module A exams are grouped together in one exam booklet and are taken on the same day in the same sitting. The same applies to Modules B, C, D, and Double Module exams.

If you are sitting more than one exam per day, these are taken consecutively.

Module A Exams
Date: Tuesday 01 October 2024

Module B Exams
Date: Thursday 03 October 2024

Module C Exams
Date: Monday 07 October 2024

Module D Exams
Date: Wednesday 09 October 2024

Double Module Exams
Date: Friday 11 October 2024